Junior Travel Ambassadors

Who We Are

We’re the Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTA). With our shining JTA badges and bundles of enthusiasm, we’re the pupils who think about road safety and transport! We are from all year groups across the school to ensure we represent the whole school.


The Junior Travel Ambassador scheme is run by Transport for London. We represent our school at Redbridge Borough meetings.

What We Do

Every Friday we meet to share ideas and opinions. During each meeting we discuss our progress with current projects. We also plan future projects, organise prizes for competitions, and select the winners of existing competitions!


The role of a JTA is to encourage a greener approach to transport. We like to see our friends and fellow pupils walking to school wherever possible. Walking to and from school is important, but we also want pupils of Churchfields Junior School to be safe on the roads of London. We work with our school to create a safer environment. We also have a lot of fun running competitions to encourage a safe and sensible attitude to the roads of London.

Children cycling in a circle

Our Aims

  • To encourage our friends and fellow pupils to walk to school.
  • To make sure the pupils of our school are safe on the roads of London.
  • To raise awareness of road safety.
  • To suggest new ways to make the area around our school safe for our friends.

Our Successes

Since the Junior Travel Ambassador Scheme started in September 2014, we have:


  • Achieved gold in TFL STARS 2022 accreditation
  • Introduced a new Walk to School competition
  • Raised awareness of road safety at our local infant school
  • Worked with Redbridge Council to improve safety on the roads outside our school
  • Appeared in the local newspaper, encouraging safe parking
  • Announced our plans in a whole school assembly

Future Projects

We have lots of projects happening at the moment, and planned for the future. These include:


  • Running the Redbridge Walk to school week banner competition, in preparation for Walk to school week.
  • Organising Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel, Y4 Pedestrian Skills Training, Redbridge step counting challenge.
  • Planning a Day-Glo day to raise awareness of safety during dark mornings.
  • Organising a Comic Strip Competition, Bikeability weeks, Walking Bear , Dr Bike repair days, Lee Valley Velo Park workshops, Junior Citizenship Day and Theatre in Education shows.




The reason I wanted to become a JTA was because a JTA was to stop pollution and enjoy walking to school in a better way and have no worries about smoke getting in my lungs and other peoples lungs. Also this encourages people to walk, park and stride, scoot and cycle. In JTAs we can help people cross roads and wear bright colours to be aware while crossing roads. By walking or running maybe even jogging this can help keep fit which is why I like jogging with my Dad. This is why I want to be a JTA.


I chose to be a JTA because I can help the environment and stop pollution. You can walk, cycle or scoot and they won’t pollute the air. If you live far from school you can park and stride. When you cross the road you have to be careful and when it is dark you have to wear bright clothing. That’s why we have Day Glow Day so people can see us.


I have chosen to become a JTA as I believe that people should stop relying on cars and walk, scoot or cycle to school at least three times a week. This will help to reduce air pollution. I also want to encourage others to be aware of road safety which shall help many. Junior Travel Ambassadors hold competitions in and outside school in which I am looking forward to and will encourage myself to go outside more than I already do.


This year, I have chosen to be a JTA because I want to help the roads of London to have clean air and I want to encourage my peers to walk, cycle, scoot or park and stride to school. I also think road safety is very important for young children to learn. I am looking forward to having fun competitions encouraging people to be active!


This year, I chose to be a JTA because I am passionate about stopping pollution and keeping the world green. I want to encourage people to walk, cycle and scoot as it is better for the environment. My goal is for people to stop driving. If people live far away, they can park and stride because the parking spaces behind our local Tesco let people park there before and after school. Also, there are some exciting activities and competitions.


I want to become a JTA because when children are going to school I want the road to be safe enough for them to cross the road and be safe walking. I love riding the bike with my mum but we do it at night and it’s hard for drivers to see us so we wear bright yellow vests. I want people to stop using cars because it creates pollution so we can walk, ride bikes and scoot to school.


The reason I want to be a JTA this year is because biking, running and walking are the ways I have always been getting to places. Pollution has also made me want to get to and from school not by car, but on our legs, scooters or bikes. Again, I want to encourage others to do the same actions, and, as a result, will hopefully create a healthy and eco-friendly local area with no carbon dioxide, but oxygen. I am excited for the future events run by the Junior Travel Ambassadors. As well as that I want to make sure people can safely cross the street on a zebra crossing or at traffic lights.


I have chosen to be a JTA because I want to participate in stopping air pollution and save the environment from global warming, and get people to cycle, walk or park and stride. I want to take part in future competitions e.g. Day Glow Day! I want to help people cross the road safely.


I chose to be a JTA because I want to stop the pollution and I want to save the environment. We should stop driving and instead ride a bike, scoot or walk. If you live far away then you can park in the Tesco parking lot and you can walk the rest of the way to school. You can’t park on the zig zag lines outside our school, you can get a ticket if you park on the lines.


I chose to be a JTA because I want to cross the road safely by crossing on the zebra crossing or by the traffic lights and I want people to stop using too much pollution so they can walk, scoot or cycle. I am looking forward to the walking teddy bear because it makes people walk more.


I decided to become a JTA because I want to walk safely by myself. If you drive a car every day it will pollute the environment, at least do park and stride. If the air gets too polluted some people might even die because the air is hard to breathe. We celebrate Day Glow Day because when the clock goes back it’s going to be darker and if someone is driving their car in the dark they might not see you in dark clothes. That’s why we wear bright clothes. Try and cycle, scoot or walk. When you are crossing the road try and use a pelican crossing, a zebra crossing or a foot bridge.


I wanted to be a JTA because it helps the environment from people to be going in cars. We have a carpark near Tesco so you can walk the rest of the way to school. In JTAs we learn about road safety. We have competitions, we also have Day Glow Day and we have the walking bear to tell kids to walk to school. We also have the zig zags that are yellow that tells people not to park there.


I chose to be a JTA because I wanted to help people learn how to cross the road and ride a bike.


I chose to be a JTA because I wanted to help the world and school to stay healthy and I wanted to help people stay fit and we need to help the environment. We should stride and not drive.


I want to be a JTA because I like riding my bike and to stop air pollution and to help with road safety.


The reason why I want to be a JTA is so I can keep the nature safe and encourage people to stay safe.


I chose to be a JTA because I would like to help with the environment and make sure that less pollution is in the air. It would be nice for people to scoot, bike or walk.


I chose to be a JTA because I don’t like pollution and want to be safe on the roads.


I chose to be a JTA because I wanted to prevent the ozone layer from being destroyed. I also want cars to have eco engines or use electric cars to prevent pollution because it is very dangerous. The JTAs also have fun competitions such as walk to school week.


The reason that I wanted to become a JTA is because I do not like pollution and I want the roads to be safer. I don’t like littering and it’s bad for the environment. I love going for runs with my Dad. We also do fun challenges like the walking bear which encourages children to walk, cycle and scoot. We do Day Glow Day because when it’s winter it gets darker sooner.


I want to be a JTA because I go bike riding every Saturday and have walks in the woods and build dens in the woods and take care of the environment. I can scoot. I can cycle. If you are far away you park and stride because school wants no smoke in the people’s lungs. The environment has animals and it’s a beautiful place.


I decided to be a JTA because sometimes the cars don’t stop when it’s a red light and I want to improve road safety and if you live far away you can park at Tesco and walk the rest of the way. I want to do the walking bear because I like to explore the city and I also want to explore the world.


I chose to be a JTA because I want to keep people safe and I love cycling with my parents and I love cycling in the forest. Sometimes I cycle to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I also love the environment and to keep people safe and meet new people and tell them about the environment. Sometimes I help people to stride and scoot or skate and I want people to stop parking on the zig zag lines or the double yellow lines and to park at the Tesco car park and walk to school.


The reason I wanted to be a JTA is because I want to walk, cycle or scoot to school without getting hurt. I think that you could get more exercise. I would really like to cycle to have fun. If you go in the car then you would not get any exercise. We also do competitions. You cannot park where the zig zag lines are near school. We have a walking bear which encourages you to walk, scoot and cycle. If you are far away from school you can park and stride.


I decided I wanted to be a JTA because there would be no parking on the yellow lines and the people would not breathe air pollution. Also in the night there would be people walking from school in the dark so wear bright clothes to help get them home.