22nd June 2023

The JTA Walking Bear

The JTA Walking Bear

“We have the walking bear because it encourages people to walk and have fun. We encourage children to walk so there is no pollution on Churchfields so we can be safe and healthy.”

By Emily, Year 4


“The walking bear is a way to encourage children to walk to school. The JTA’s make sure that the walking bear is given to a different child every week. The walking bear accompanies you and sees, hears and smells everything you go past – if your house is far away you can park at Tesco car park for free and walk for 5 minutes to school.”

By Zora, Year 4


“The walking bear reminds you about walking, cycling and scooting to school.”

By Aiyana, Year 3


“We use the walking bear to encourage children to walk to school instead of driving. This helps to ensure that the environment is a safe place without pollution. We have the walking bear for a week and we get a badge for participating. It is better to walk to school so that your body can be healthy and strong.”

By Zahida, Year 5


“The walking bear is a bear that we take turns to walk to school every day and it encourages us to walk to school. We also take a photo with the bear or draw a picture of our journey.”

By Leona, Year 3