2nd April 2023

Jorvik Viking Workshop

Jorvik Viking Workshop

Year 6 recently connected online with the Jorvik Viking Centre in York. The centre is dedicated to sharing the rich history of Vikings in Britain. Each class received two sessions spread over a day. The first session was with a Viking from the past, and the second was with Tom the archeologist!


“The talk was extremely interactive; there was an activity for every aspect of the discussion. We were given the opportunity to ask many questions across diverse topics regarding the Vikings, many of which we would not be able to discover the answers to using technology at home. For example, an intriguing fact scientists have discovered is that Viking warriors used an effective method of defence known as a shield wall in order to block perilous Anglo- Saxon attacks. Many students wrote down notes in order to remember all of these fascinating historical facts. From previous lessons, we had the knowledge that though history depicts Vikings as mindless, barbaric savages, they were indeed civilians like modern-day people and did not have horns on their helmets as this would be inconvenient in battle. We were all extremely engaged with the topic and what was being said by the Viking and Tom.”

By Ayla, Year 6


“It was very interesting learning about all the weapons they would use during that time period, especially the axe types. It was also interesting learning about the jobs and values of different people including the tools and armour they would use.”

By Thomas, Year 6