22nd July 2022

Isla’s Trampoline & Gymnastics Success

Isla’s Trampoline & Gymnastics Success

On Sunday I took part in my first ever gymnastics and trampolining competition with some of my friends at Churchfields. I was a bit nervous but I overcame this because I had been practising day after day really hard.


When they told me it was my turn I climbed onto the trampoline, I felt like everyone would be looking at me. The moment I got up I started my warm-up then completed my routine. Then I walked over to the second trampoline and they asked me for my second routine.


After my second routine, I was done and I clambered off, sat there quietly and waited.


I was so scared at the award ceremony when they said ‘third’ and ‘second’. It wasn’t me. And then they announced I had won! I got a gold trophy and I was thrilled with it. I got two medals as well and then I realised that this was the best competition ever. I am excited for another.

Isla, Year 3