18th December 2017

Interview with Year 6 Dance Club Boys

Interview with Year 6 Dance Club Boys

Dance Club had trained hard for the Redbridge Dance Competition on 31st January, at Oaks Park Secondary School. The boys did themselves proud by attending all rehearsals, dedicating time and effort to learn all the steps and perfect the routine.


How often did you rehearse?

“Once a week in Dance Club and I practised at home too so that I did not forget the steps. Sometimes we had an extra session to rehearse with Mrs Bradley too.” Roman


Were other members of the group supportive?

“Yes, we helped each other.” Kai


Did you like the music you danced to?

“Oh yes.  It was called ‘Parise You.” Michael


Which steps did you did it difficult to master and how did you overcome this?

“I found it difficult to co-ordinate the steps in time with the music. By using my peripheral vision, I watched the other dancers around me to help me keep time.” Alexei


Would you feel confident to perform in the Year 6 production?

“Yes! I like dancing and want to show off my skills.” David


What are your favourite moves?

“I like the back tuck, the breakdance sections and I liked the back handspring.” Tamari