5th February 2024

Interview with the Head Teacher

Interview with the Head Teacher

Interviewing Mrs Emeny by Freddie Cogger


Q: What is it like being the Head Teacher at Churchfields?


It is marvelous! Every day has many different types of work to do. I may have lots of work to do every day to help make this an excellent school but it is a very rewarding job.  Leading a school offering a world-class education is very fulfilling as it is a chance to make a real difference to so many people’s lives.


It is great to work with staff who believe better is possible and are willing to innovate.


The vast majority of children at Churchfields put in 100% effort and are conscientious. It is great to hear from former pupils and talk about how the school inspired them and how they have continued to develop skills first learnt at Churchfields, such as being a musician.


Q: How are you going to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of Churchfields?


Every month there are many activities to celebrate the school’s anniversary. After the Time Travellers and Mr Nunn’s assembly to launch the celebrations, every child and members of staff were given a special commemorative badge to wear.  I think things such as the time capsule, souvenir t-shirts, whole school photograph and a new school song will leave a legacy for the future. Having a circus at the school for a performance for families in September will be something memorable and unique.


Q: What progress do you think Churchfields School has made in the last 150 years?


In terms of equality there have been great changes with boys and girls now entitled to having the same quality of education. In 1874 girls were educated with the young infant children and boys had separate classes and a different curriculum.


In 1874, only children who could afford to pay could attend school. Fees of around 1d to 9d a week (equivalent to around £2 a week) were payable until the introduction of free education in 1891. Now every child has the right to go to school.


There has been progress in terms of the equipment and activities available in the field and playground for children to play with at beak and lunchtime.


Q: Do you think the students at our school are well behaved now compared to 150 years ago?


Discipline in schools for children is very different now. The cane was given on the hand or the bottom, or sometimes given across the back of the legs. Children who had been caned usually kept quiet about it because if their parents found out they would probably be punished again. All sorts of things might be punished at Churchfields School in 1874: being rude, answering back, speaking out of turn or poor work. These are very similar to the things children get told off for now.


Q: Has there been any students who became famous after being at Churchfields?


Many former pupils have become highly successful in their chosen careers and some have become famous for arts and sports.


Here is a list of some well-known former pupils of Churchfields.


  • Peter Erskine, businessman
  • Peter Greenaway, film director
  • Mimi Keene, actress
  • Tolga Kashif, composer
  • Gordon Laing, musician
  • Seal, musician
  • David Jaymes, musician
  • Johnny Coppin, musician
  • Derek B, rapper
  • Reece Prescod, sprinter
  • Paul Ince, footballer
  • Sam Dalby, footballer
  • Chloe Morgan, footballer
  • David Holdsworth, footballer
  • Dean Holdsworth, footballer
  • Mick Leach, footballer