Instrumental Lessons

Learning to play an instrument is highly valued at Churchfields Junior School. All children learn an instrument in a whole class lesson. In addition, we provide over 250 individual instrument lessons each week.


The lessons are taken by staff from the Redbridge Music Service, and are during the school day. Your child would share a 20–30 minute lesson with one or two children of similar ability. There is also the option of individual lessons. Tuition is for the full academic year. Over the three school terms your child should receive a minimum of 30 lessons.

Instrument Hire

Instruments are available for pupils to hire from the Redbridge Music Service. They will inform you when the instrument is ready for collection from the Instrument Centre at the John Savage Centre.


The Instrument Centre also stocks a wide range of accessories and spare parts such as strings, reeds, valve oil, music stands, cases and covers.


Free Instrument Hire

Redbridge Music Service offers free instrument hire to children eligible for Free School Meals.


Tuition is for the full academic year September 2020 to July 2021. Fees are paid monthly via direct debit. The fee is for tuition only and do not include the cost of hiring an instrument or purchase of music and accessories.



Duration of lesson

Monthly direct debit
20 minute shared lesson £24.70
20 minute individual £49.40

Terms and Conditions

If your child decides to stop learning an instrument part way through the year, please be advised that fees are still payable for the full academic year. If your child is going to give up, please write a letter and give one copy to the Music Teacher and one copy to the School Office.

Registration for Instrument Lessons

1. Sign Up

If your child would like to play an instrument please click the Sign Up button below and fill in the Redbridge Music Service’s online form.

2. Pay

Redbridge Music Service collect fees directly from parents/carers using a monthly direct debit which will spread the cost over the year. To pay for lessons and instrument hire, please click the Set Up Direct Debit button below and follow these instructions:


  • Please select your child’s school from the drop down box selection
  • Enter your child’s name in the unique reference number field.
  • Please read the terms and conditions and select the box to confirm that you have read them.
  • After this select the length of lesson you have chosen for your child which will then display another dialogue box labelled “Bolt-Ons”


Instrument Hire
Tick this box if you need to hire an instrument from us (Please remember that we do not hire pianos/keyboards and you will need to make provision for your child to practise in between lessons.)


Music School Club Membership

Tick this box if you are currently a member of a Music School Club run at the John Savage Centre (e.g. Brass Club) – Not a school based ensemble.


Music School Ensemble/Choir

Tick this box if you currently attend a Music School Ensemble or Choir run at the John Savage Centre – (e.g. Intermediate Orchestra) – Not a school based ensemble.


If you have any questions you can contact Redbridge Music Service’s admin office on

Available Lessons