22nd April 2019

Informative East London Mosque Visit

Informative East London Mosque Visit

Year 5 have been hard at work studying Islam. Last term we travelled back in time to look at the Golden Age of Islam, a time where the Islamic Empire stretched from Spain to China and which accomplished much in terms of key scientific discoveries we still use today in one form or another. This term our focus is the religion of Islam, so it was very useful to have already visited the East London Mosque where pupils were able to contextualise much of what they had studied. Masterfully navigating the London Underground, Year 5 travelled to Whitechapel to get inside the temple and see for themselves the beautiful tessellating patterns on the walls representing the infinite nature of Allah, as well as the large open spaces meant to accommodate as many people as possible so as to create a larger sense of community. Pupils answered questions expertly as we toured the mosque, seeing first-hand the mihrab, minaret and famous domed ceiling.


I really enjoyed going to the East London Mosque because we got to see lots of the beautiful designs we had studied in class.

Luna, Year 5


The East London Mosque was a fascinating trip because we got to learn lots more about the culture of Islam.

Daniyal, Year 5