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Daily Activities


Lexia is designed to support the teaching of essential reading skills and provides personalised instruction.

Learn Weekly Spellings

Use our spelling activities

Daily SPAG Exercises

SPaG.com offers grammar and punctuation tests for the children to complete online.

Weekly Activities

Talk for Writing

Here are the free Talk for Writing Home-school units. The units are age-related but please pick and choose what is right for each child. They all include a model text and lots of steps to get children prepared for creating an excellent piece of writing.


Provides exciting visual stimuli (one for every day of the year), story starters, thought provoking questions and additional activities to support creative writing.

Literacy Shed

Use the original site not the paid for premium site. It has videos to watch and teaching notes to help support parents if needed.

Learn a Poem to Recite Together

Poetry by Heart has a wide selection of poetry covering different topics.

Create Your Own Myth or Legend

Follow the link below and publish your myth.

The Children’s Poetry Archive

An archive of spoken poetry recordings. Children can listen to poems read out loud.

Purple Mash

Each week, a selection of daily activities is produced on different subjects, including comprehension and grammar.


All children’s audiobooks are available for free while schools are closed.

Explore BBC Bitesize English

First News

Read weekly children’s newspaper, complete reading comprehension activities, puzzles and quizzes.

Watch and Discuss Current Affairs