23rd November 2016

Hello from Sao Paulo!

Hello from São Paulo!

Beginning on the 9th of November and running through until the end of the month, Year 4 have been video conferencing with a Brazilian school in São Paulo.


Having set up the link last year where singing and dancing was shared with the whole school, this year the Year 4 Geography topic of Brazil has been re-energised by this unique experience of sharing ideas through video conferencing.


Each week a different class has prepared questions and answers for their Brazilian counterparts and then each and every student has had an opportunity to speak to the children at Nucleo Menino Jesus in Sao Paulo. They have discussed subjects in line with their Geography topic covering the climate and physical geography of Brazil and they have then compared this with the British equivalent.


As well as this the children have enjoyed sharing our cultural traditions celebrated around the winter time and asked a range of questions about the Brazilian festivities at this time of year.


Mr Grieve

On Wednesday 9th November 2016, we videoconferenced Sao Paulo (a city in Brazil). In the conference we said hello and the conference took exactly 45 whole minutes. We couldn’t hear them at first so we had to call them back, but ten minutes later we could hear them again. We did it as a whole class (4G).


We asked them questions and they answered them in Portuguese. For example, we asked what their climate was like and they said it was tropical in Sao Paulo. Then they asked us questions and we answered them back. For example, they asked us what the climate was like and we said it was mild. We told them about the seasons such as winter, spring, summer and autumn.


We also had a speaker so we could talk to them and had a camera so they could see us.


Beth, Year 4

On Wednesday 9th November 2016, we had a video conference with a school in Nucleo Menino Jesus, in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


We collaborated to create either answers or questions to ask in groups of three. Churchfields asked our questions first and then they answered them. After that, they asked the questions and we answered them. They were general questions about climate, weather and schooling. We explained that we have a mild/Mediterranean climate and they said that theirs was tropical.


Ben, Year 4