19th February 2023

Healthy Eating Leadership Group

Healthy Eating Leadership Group

As Healthy Eaters, we have been examining different diets and the importance of each food group over the last term. We decided to test and review some of the recently publicised £1 meals from a variety of famous chefs and settled on Jamie Oliver’s 50/50 Bolognese. We wanted to see if we thought it was delicious and good value for money. 


“I would recommend this dish because the flavour was really nice and delicious. The sauce was savoury.”

Renee, Year 5


“I would recommend this dish because when I took one bite, it felt like paradise in my mouth. It was mouth-watering and delectable. The dish was really well flavoured.”

Sofia, 4M


The full recipe can be found on Jamie Oliver’s website:




We made both a vegetarian and non-pork version.