2nd May 2023

Healthy Eaters – Korean Chef Visit

Healthy Eaters – Korean Chef Visit

Churchfields Junior School were privileged to host renowned chef, Jihyun Kim (better known as Kimmy), who joined our Healthy Eating leadership group for some South Korean inspired cooking. 


Kimmy, a qualified chef with many years of experience teaching Korean cuisine, went on to study Le Cordon Bleu at Tante Marie Culinary Academy, where she fell in love with the UK and decided to settle. She is now the head chef behind the successful brand Kimchi & Radish (www.kimchiradish.com).


Kimmy, and Mr. Hall, worked with 15 Healthy Eaters, teaching each child how to make their own vegetarian kimbap: they were lucky enough to take this home, as well as their own bamboo rolling mat and chopsticks. 


The school are very appreciative of Kimmy’s time and her generous donations of food and resources.


“The morning was very enjoyable and food was tasty. I liked how the meal we made was very colourful and eating a rainbow means it would have been healthy too.”

By Tia-Rose, Year 5


“I liked how there was a variety of foods to choose from in the dish. It was important that it was very healthy too.”

By Megan, Year 6