11th April 2024

Healthy Eaters’ Crumble Recipe

Healthy Eaters’ Crumble Recipe

The Pupil Leadership group Healthy Eaters recently learned about meal choices that are not only healthy, but also sustainable using local produce. They discussed how families can make simple choices in their weekly food shop to cut down on plastic and food waste, and reduce the number of air miles their food has flown to land on their plates.


They decided to make an apple crumble using local produce – apples – and a sustainable food choice – oats.



  • Roughly chop 3 large cooking apples (skin on), place in an ovenproof dish and sprinkle a couple of spoons of sugar over the top. Add cinnamon if desired.
  • Mix 140g oats with 50g sugar together in a large bowl. Melt 100g butter. Mix butter and oat mixture, add cinnamon if desired. Spread into a dish.
  • Bake both the fruit and the oat mixture for 20 minutes at 190C / fan 170C / gas 5 until the crumble top is golden and the fruit is bubbling.
  • Spoon the apple into a bowl, sprinkle on some granola topping, then add any extras – raisins, cinnamon. Serve with warm custard. Enjoy!




Dylan, Year 5

“At first, I wasn’t sure about trying the crumble as I have never really liked apple crumble. However, I really enjoyed it. The contrast of flavours made it all the better. I enjoyed the cinnamon with the crumble as it was a burst of taste. I would recommend this recipe because it has many flavours and is healthy and sustainable.”


Cosimo, Year 6

“I loved the crumble, especially the cinnamon. It added extra flavour to make it better. The Apple was also the best part of it. The custard was very smooth. The contrast of flavours were good. I really recommend it.”


Rayansh, Year 3

“This was the best crumble ever, because it had a lot of taste and flavour, and it would be very good for dessert. With the toppings, it’s brilliant.”


Jessica, Year 4

“I like the apple crumble because the different flavours really stood out. The apples are squishy and still has skin so there were still some vitamins. The custard was smooth and still warm. The oats are crunchy and added whole textures. I would recommend to make this at home. It can be very fun losing different ingredients.”