“I had the pleasure of visiting Churchfields Junior School in South Woodford, to celebrate the school being awarded the prestigious Artsmark Gold Award, the national creative quality standard for schools, accredited by Arts Council England. The enthusiasm and dedication of the pupils and staff at Churchfields Junior School to arts and music was a real pleasure to experience first-hand during my visit. Rt. Hon, Iain Duncan Smith, MP It's a pleasure to come back to Churchfields and meet your children. The atmosphere is fun and friendly, with staff to match! Please ask me back again." Karen McCombie Writer

Guests and Visitors

I shared a carriage on the Central line with some 30 or so of your pupils presumably returning from a school trip yesterday, and I just wanted to say how impressed I was by their impeccable behaviour, how the staff were ensuring they were all well cared for in the heat of the underground, and being mindful of other members of the public around them. All a great credit to your school.

Dr James Davison

I just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying working with you, the pupils and your colleagues this week. The children have risen magnificently to all the challenges I've set them - and the school's learning dispositions of collaboration, determination and resilience have all been very much to the fore. And I've been genuinely impressed by the grasp of and ability of maths that's been shown in every single workshop. Tackling CSI: Bake Off, Year 3 found themselves immersed in a world of fractions far removed, I suspect, from anything they did in Year 2. Yet they fell to it all with relish - and I even had to get the Extension Sets out! Probing CSI: Michaela Maths, Year 4s were called upon to practise a wide range of mathematical skills - and it was great to see the breadth of their knowledge and understanding. Year 6 took on what is by far and away the most intellectually demanding of our workshops, CSI: Paralympics - and the approaches they took meant it was difficult to believe they've been in Year 6 for less than a fortnight! So, all in all, I can't wait to see what Year 5 have to offer when they investigate CSI: Ancient Greeks tomorrow. With thanks, too for the warmth of the hospitality and welcome that I've received from every single adult and child in the school.

Jackson Kavanagh - Maths Workshop Trainer

I am an educational consultant who travels the UK with the privilege of supporting Headteachers and their staff on their learning journeys. I have supported almost 500 schools! I am lucky to have been asked back to Churchfields on a number of occasions and have witnessed the remarkable development of the school. Each time I come, there are new ideas and a rigorous evaluation of progress. Staff have to work hard at Churchfields but they work hard at the right things: creativity, independence, sharing practice and self-reflection. The progress of all learners in fascinating contexts is at the heart of the school and there is an energy about the staff to debate and question which is a presenter’s dream. I can’t wait to come again!

Bob Cox - Educational Consultant Searching for Excellence

I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality yesterday, having never visited your school before I wanted to say how impressed I was with the "whole school experience" from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. I did not see anything other than positive, confident and professional. As a parent I wish I lived closer to you. Your school felt warm and inviting at every level. Your children were immaculately dressed, smart and polite.

Jack Jepson-Sykes - Executive Development Chef

“I was enormously impressed by the topicality of their questions and I thought they showed engagement above their age. “Churchfields is an excellent school with a very good head teacher, ... and excellent teachers who should be very proud of its children I met on Friday.” Iain Duncan Smith, MP

Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith - Woodford Green MP

I am amazed at the standard of music in the school, I am so pleased that my children have such great opportunities in this area. Also the dance produced by Mrs Bradley was excellent, all the children were totally engaged, it was expertly choreographed. The whole assembly was so well organised and the children really enjoy performing. They are a real credit to the school.


Your students were amazing. They are some of the happiest and well behaved young people I have met in a long time. Your school has high standards and very friendly, welcoming staff which really impressed me.

Samson Osinnowo - Peer Mediation Trainer

It's a pleasure to come back to Churchfields and meet your children. The atmosphere is fun and friendly, with staff to match! Please ask me back again."

Karen McCombie - Writer Website

This school provides excellence in education because explanations are very clear and teachers are well prepared. Our lessons are educational as well as fun and enjoyable. The behaviour is outstanding because everyone is polite to each other and help one another.


I like that if you have a problem you can go to 'Place2Be' or 'mediation.' I like this because there is always someone to help you.


Tremendous job, tremendous staff, outstanding school.


We feel the teaching at Churchfields is outstanding and that our child is being well-prepared for the SATs and secondary education.


My son only moved to London this year. He loves coming to school. The school, staff and his teacher have been very accommodating and supportive.


The teachers are very friendly and helpful. The office staff are wonderful. Always ready to support and answer all questions with a smile on their faces.


My SEN son was fully included in the school community and the support he received was outstanding. Even 3 years after he left he says 'my time at the junior school were my best school years'.


The support my SEN son received was consistent and appropriate. He was fully supported by all the staff, it's a truly inclusive school so it's hard to pinpoint specifics. The junior school managed his transition from infant school and his transition to secondary school which made me feel fully supported too.


It is reassuring to both ourselves and our children that Churchfields Junior School always treat any form of bullying as seriously as it clearly warrants.


Churchfields is an exceptional school and has served Spencer very well. We’ve been lucky to live so close to such an outstanding school with excellent facilities.


Just to say thank you very much to Churchfields Junior for hosting the Local Forum, as I thought it proved to be an excellent venue with excellent facilities and easily accommodated two events in one. I also understand how much pressure you must all have been under through your inspection so a special thanks to Keith for pulling out all the stops to make our event work.

Policy and Performance Team, Redbridge LA

The behaviour of the trainees was impeccable throughout. Their enthusiasm and commitment ensured a very good pass rate... they displayed a good knowledge of the road and exceptional vocabulary.

Cycle Experience

The school has a buzz about it: it is very positive and exciting - there always seems to be something going on in addition to the normal day.