Who We Are

We are pupils from each year group, who love to be active outdoors, whatever the weather. We meet every week and are keen to develop our skills to prepare the soil, sow, plant and water. We are learning basic gardening terms and how to use gardening tools.

What We Do

Under the leadership of our Head Teacher, Mrs Emeny, along with Year 6 Class Teacher Mr Webster, pupils have developed skills in horticulture, conservation and a variety of outdoor crafts.


Pupils learn about composting – what can and cannot be composted – and how to build and turn a heap to aid decomposition. They are now in charge of collecting worms and waste to add to the compost. Additionally, produce from the school garden is not wasted, but sold to parents or supplies the school kitchen – and with over 480 pupils and staff mouths to feed daily – that’s a big undertaking. So along with the pleasures of growing and nurturing plants and seeds, pupils learn about the business and economic aspects of horticultural production and have learned the ‘value’ of growing things.

Weeding the peas in the garden

Make a Difference

  • Pupils will learn to care for their environment with a daily litter duty.
  • Build a bug hotel to make our school more wildlife friendly.
  • Pupils will decide what they want to grow to eat and will sell surplus crops to parents, to learn about the economic aspects of horticulture.
  • Create bird feeders and nesting boxes to encourage birds into the school garden.




I have an interest in gardening because of the wide range of things to enjoy; planting produce, growing lovely flowers and making nesting boxes and bug hotels.  Discovering new plants is a fun way to expand my knowledge of gardening.


I like gardening because you can grow lots of things.  I want to grow apple trees so that I can eat fresh apples.  I also like growing trees because they help the environment and produce oxygen.


I like gardening because when you plant seeds for plants and trees they produce flowers, fruit and vegetables.  I also enjoy gardening as you can help the environment and wildlife.


I like gardening because you can grow food to eat.  Also plants encourage mini beasts and insects into the school grounds.  By growing more plants and flowers the school will look more beautiful.


I like gardening because I want to make more oxygen for more people in this school and to help wildlife.  I love producing food for the wildlife and school kitchen.  I have even held a millipede that was 33cm long.


I wanted to be a gardener because I really like planting crops and seeds.  I also really like nature and eating the fruits.  I also like wildlife.  The best part about being a gardener is spending time with Mrs Emeny and learning new things about gardening.


Yusoyiah Any

I wanted to be a gardener because I like apples and we were able to grow some apples and other fruit.  It also helps make the world nice and clean and by growing more healthy food it is good for the planet.


I would like to be a gardener because I am able to plant crops and eat them.  I am looking forward to helping the environment.  Planting different types of plants will give me knowledge of plants and crops.


Adam Choudry 4T

My favourite thing is gardening because we get to grow food like fruit and vegetables.


I enjoy gardening because I love growing plants and wondering what seeds will grow into.  At home, I garden a lot and I love creating things for creatures.  That is why I decided to try gardening pupil leadership.


I like being a gardener because I can grow plants and dig.  I like discovering new insects that live in gardens.


I would like to be a gardener because growing plants, trees, fruits and vegetables help us to grow.  Growing flowers will make our school look beautiful.  I also want to encourage insects and birds to come to our school.


I wanted to do gardening so that I could learn more about and grow some plants and trees.  I really enjoy the outdoors and so I know that I will enjoy the gardening group.


I wanted to be in gardening group because I care a lot about the trees and plants.  Some people like to cut trees and plants down, but I think they are the key to bugs and bird’s lives.


I love gardening because I like fruit and vegetables that make us healthy.


I like gardening because you can grow plants and help the environment.


Gardening is one of my favourite activities because you can grow lots of fruits and vegetables and learn new skills that you can use at home.  Also it gives me something to do when I am bored at home.


I want to be in the gardening group because I want to help animals find a habitat and help plants to grow.  As a result, we can have vegetables and different types of flowers.


I like gardening because I enjoy digging a lot in my own garden.


I love gardening because I love digging holes so that I can plant fruit trees and vegetables.  Then I can eat them afterwards.


I would like to do gardening because I am moving to a new house and the garden is very messy.  I hope that I can learn things so that I can make it neater.


I wanted to be a gardener because I think it is really enjoyable to plant seeds and see what amazing plants they turn into.  I love picking the fruit and vegetables and eating them afterwards too and learning about all the different kinds of plants.


I would like to be a gardener because growing more plants helps to look after the environment.  It is also fun to plant your own seeds and come back every week to see how much they have sprouted.


Gardening, in my opinion, is a fun and enjoyable hobby to have.  Once you have finished growing them, you can taste what you have created.  Helping the environment is also a positive act that you can commit while gardening.  Trees give off a lot of oxygen.


I want to be in the gardening group because I like growing things and I can make food for my parents and friends.  I am really looking forward to gardening.


I want to be a gardener because I like to help plants, fruit and vegetables to grow.  Also I am excited to encourage many insects and birds into the school grounds.  If lots of bugs come in to the school, then lots of flowers will grow and birds will come in the sunlight.


I enjoy being a gardener because the things we grow are beautiful and gardening is something that keeps us busy.  It is also fun and you can find interesting things underground.