4th October 2017

Fieldwork in Epping Forest

Fieldwork in Epping Forest

Earlier this month Year 5 went to study Loughton Brook at the Epping Forest Study Centre. It was incredibly refreshing to be outdoors and for the children to see meanders, river banks and to follow the course of a river from source.Though the river bank was largely dry, it was still a day of rich learning and the behaviour from our children was exceptional. Here are some thoughts from the pupils.


“We had an interesting discussion with our instructor Casey about soil and how it is formed. The class made predictions about the origin of the soil and the source of the river. It was interesting to see how the river changed as it flowed down stream,” Martha 5EK.


“Here we are with clipboards and pencils. A lot of our time was spent looking closely and examining the river bed and the area around the forest. We noticed that things looked very different near the source of the river, while further downstream there were meanders and a good deal of erosion. Grace and James bored into the soil using a tool with a spiky end. It allowed us to examine the ground closely.”