10th May 2024

Ethan and Stevie’s Football Adventures

Ethan and Stevie’s Football Adventures

“Early in the morning in March, me and my brother Steven, along with our mum and dad, travelled to Gatwick airport where we met our team. The time was 4.30 am and excitement filled the air.


On our arrival in Madeira, a mascot came to welcome us! We traveled to the school where we stayed, had our delicious Portuguese food and went to bed. We had to sleep straight after lights out or we would have been punished!We needed to be fresh and energetic for our first game on the next day.


I was very nervous on the pitch because there were lots of people watching, but I tried to ignore that. I played with passion and love, scoring four goals !


Winning mentality, positive attitude and playing with heart and soul won our games.


I had  fantastic time because I was doing that what I love !”

By Ethan, Year 4



“Waking up with excitement, me, my brother Ethan, my mum and dad travelled to the airport. When we met the team we all greeted each other. At last we took off to Madeira, Portugal. When we landed the cool breeze struck me like lightning to a tree.


Ready for our first game, walking onto the pitch felt inspiring and uplifted. Many people were watching. Even though we lost our first game I kept my head high with pride after battling for the ball – after all I was doing what I love with all my heart.


The chance to play  football in another country gave me even more enthusiasm for the future! If you believe it you can achieve!”

By Stevie, Year 6