2nd October 2021

Eco News

Eco News

The Eco Committee is our Pupil Leadership Group that leads on improving environmental awareness and changes in school. The group could not meet altogether last year but fortunately proactive volunteers from Year 4 (now Year 5) stepped forward to take the lead. 


Theodora, Livaanya, Erin and Mya asked to meet Mr Easter to find ways to help the school become more environmentally-friendly. They completed an audit of the school and planted wildflowers and plants to attract more bees and butterflies. They also did a survey to study how many birds and butterflies visit our school. Their aim is to improve biodiversity and they have more plans for the school grounds.


Meanwhile, Dima inspired a group of Year 4 boys to tackle litter. In their break and lunchtimes Dima and his friends worked tirelessly to make the school litter-free. Their actions were soon noticed by children from other classes who wanted to help too – before long, children from classes across the school followed and also grabbed a litter picker and put their rubbish in the bins. The school site soon looked spotless thanks to their hard work!


Thanks to these children we were able to reduce litter and improve biodiversity while also taking other actions to improve how we use water, energy and waste.


The Eco Schools international programme also assessed our efforts and once again awarded us with the highest level – a Green Flag! Expect to see more from these young leaders!