23rd July 2015

Eco Committee School

Eco Committee School

Committee have decided that we, as a school community, need to try harder to make a difference to our school environment. We have come up with 5 points that we would like to  take under our eco super cape and tackle first.


They include:


  • To look after school property
  • To not waste our school dinner
  • To turn off the tap when we have finished
  • To recycle regularly
  • To turn off the lights when we are not in the room


We now need your help to create an Eco promise. This could be a prayer, a poem or a short song. It needs to highlight our key points that we as a school will take pride in tackling. Entries can be on paper, however  to help to stay eco friendly  entries can be produced on the computer and emailed to the school or  can be in a form of a model.


The winner of this competition will work with the Eco Committee to finalise our school Eco promise that the whole school will pledge.