13th April 2022

Eco-Committee – Air Quality Monitor

Eco-Committee – Air Quality Monitor

Seven pupils from the Eco-Committee visited Elmhurst Gardens to learn about the installation of an air quality monitor. The monitor measures particulate matter (PM 2.5) and nitrogen oxide. On the day of their visit, air pollution was higher than legal limits.

The solar-powered node forms part of a network managed by Breathe London – a partnership between the Mayor’s Office, Imperial College and other organisations. Lydia, a local parent, succeeded in her application for the node to be placed in Elmhurst Gardens. She hopes to use the data to persuade the council to provide more greening to form a protective barrier beside the park and the A406.

Our pupils asked questions about the effectiveness of bushes and trees and how the node works. They then shared news of the installation with their peers.

You can scan the QR code at the park or visit www.breathelondon.org to check the current air quality at Elmhurst Gardens.