27th February 2018

Dreams of Flight and Air based on FARTHER

Dreams of Flight and Air based on FArTHER

Year 4 enjoyed a concert by the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican. The pupils had the opportunity to experience a world-class orchestra up close and learn more about the music being played. The concert, Dreams of Flight and Air, was inspired by the book FArTHER a beautiful and poignant story by Graeme Baker Smith about a young boy bewitched by his father’s unrelenting passion to fly.


Not only did year 4 get to experience this tale of dreams the story was brought to life by the London Symphony Orchestra. The pupils were on the edge of their seats as the story unfolded of a father’s dream to fly and how this dream was passed to the next generation. The pupils were amazed by the music. They had a connection with many of the musicians as many of the pupils participate in instrumental lessons and of course there was the opportunity for everyone to participate in the songs. As well as this amazing story, the pupils got to experience many other pieces expertly played by the LSO. The opening of the concert started with the classic ET theme.  the pupils were then brought back in time to 1749 with George Frederic Handel and his music for the Royal Fireworks. They were also introduced to Finnish composer Ratavara and the concert finished with a piece by John Williams, leaving the pupils with a real understanding of where this music comes from.