11th March 2024

Ride London Assembly

Ride London Assembly

Churchfields were lucky enough to have a whole school assembly with a visit from two cyclists who ride for a team called Doltcini O’Shea. Doltcini O’Shea is one of the highest ranked bike teams in the country. They are confirmed to ride in the elite-level race Ford Ride London Classique (24 – 26 May) which passes through our local area. The team has part-time riders who ride around their full time job commitments.


At the end of the assembly the Junior Travel Ambassadors were lucky enough to be able to ask them some questions. Here are their questions:


Aimee in Year 6 asked:

Q: Why is cycling at a young age important?

“One of the cyclists started at an older age which meant that she had to train harder to achieve cycling while the other began to cycle at the age of nine. This meant that it was easier to start cycling and eventually achieve lots of milestones.”


Liam in Year 3 asked:

Q: If you work full-time when do you get the opportunity to train?

“I work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I train in the morning at 7:00 to 8:00 am.

At the weekend we train 6 hours a day.”


Walyd in Year 5 asked:

Q: How long does a training session usually last?

One of the cyclists said when they are injured they train for one hour and for eight hours when they are fully fit.


Axel in Year 4 asked:

Q: How old were you when you discovered cycling?

I started cycling when I was 9 years old.

I started cycling when I was 21.


Kaya in Year 3 asked:

Q: What barriers did you come up against?

One of the cyclists said that she broke her back but then recovered. And kept riding her bike.

The other cyclist said she did rowing before riding her bike. She was 21 when she started riding her bike.


Micquea in Year 5 asked:

Q: Do you always ride in London?

The cyclist said: No I usually ride in Cambridge because that is where I live.

The other cyclist said: Sometimes because I live in Wanstead.


Jacob in Year 5 asked:

Q: When you were at school did you cycle there?

One of the cyclists said she would usually cycle to her grandmother’s house and would sometimes ride to school. Although, the other cyclist said she started when she was older because she did rowing before.


Harley-Kai in Year 4 asked:

Q: What are the physical and mental benefits you feel from cycling?

Physical is because it keeps you fit and it’s fun. Mental benefits are its fun and it keeps your brain working properly. But overall it’s nice to go out cycling on a nice day and even when it’s raining it’s refreshing.


Aasiyah in Year 5 asked:

Q: Why should schools take part in the Ford Ride London 100 mile challenge?

It has a good impact on your physical and mental health and it encourages people around you to cycle. They also mentioned that doing bike activities at school helped them realise how good they were at cycling.


Mrs Emeny said: 

“The visit from Doltcini O’Shea riders was inspirational and showed the children the values of daily activity and teamwork. We are looking forward to taking part in the 100-mile challenge and continuing to encourage the children to take part in active travel initiatives.”