30th May 2019

Discover London’s Roman Wall

Discover London’s Roman Wall

After working so hard in their geography topic, the classes in Year 5 were lucky enough to visit The Museum of London this half term. They first went on a tour of the museum exploring how the capital city has changed from the Roman era to modern day London. On this tour, the children were able to evaluate all different types of artefacts and even visit a medieval London jail cell! In particular, the children enjoyed taking a walk through Victorian London, seeing what the different shops were like at this time.


On the second part of this visit, Year 5 were treated to a directed tour of the area outside of the museum. They saw at first-hand the Wall of London built by the Romans. Additionally, the children learnt lots of new information about how London has developed and changed over the years.


It was very interesting and my favourite part was when we sat in the medieval jail cell!

Ritisha, Year 5