Digital Leaders

Who We Are

We’re the Digital Leaders. We’re a team of Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils who are the most skilled, confident and talented users of technology at Churchfields Junior School. We all love computing and technology, and our goal is to inspire our classmates and the community.

What We Do

Every week we meet to discuss our latest projects and share ideas. We lead assemblies, organise competitions and visit classes to support our friends and classmates.


We never stop learning, because technology is always changing. Because of this, we attend workshops around London to develop and improve our programming skills.


Each summer term we also organise applications and interviews for the next wave of Digital Leaders. Being a Digital Leader is a popular role, and so there is always great interest amongst the rest of the school! We have a very high profile, with important duties in assemblies and computing lessons, and everybody wants to be part of our important group.

Online Safety

Find out how to stay safe online by visiting our Online Safety page. You’ll get access to lots of useful websites and resources for both parents and children.

Visit the Online Safety page.

Our Aims

  • To support our classmates in computing lessons and assemblies.
  • To be technology role models for our classmates.
  • To represent our school in the IT community.
  • To help make our school the leading school in computing.

Future Projects

We have lots of projects and ideas for the future. Here are just a few:


  • A Digital Churchfields – the upper school already design 3D models and buildings in computing lessons. We plan to use these skills to recreate our school in 3D, allowing visitors to tour our school building without ever leaving their armchair!
  • Online Safety – as part of raising awareness of online safety, we run assemblies and competitions.
  • Coding in Industry – we plan to visit software developers in our city to find out how we can prepare for a career in programming and technology.
  • Robotics – we hope to learn more about robotics this year, both through listening to specialists in robotics, and programming our own robots.




I wanted to be a Digital Leader because it gives you fantastic opportunities in computing. Furthermore, being a Digital Leader means I can do the things that I enjoy, such as coding with Scratch and Python. When I grow older, I want to get a job in computing.


This year, I became a Digital Leader because I enjoy computing and making games. There are so many things you can do with a set of coding blocks – it really blows my mind away! In my time as a Digital Leader, I would like to venture into areas of coding and programming which I have never tried before. I want to go to Imperial College on a Digital Leaders trip, find out how to use a 3D printer and learn new things. I am looking forward to the year ahead!


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I love coding and helping people to understand technology. For me, it is important to keep people safe online. I would like to do computer science as one of my GCSEs. I really like computing!


I really wanted to be a Digital Leader because I really enjoy studying the world of computing and I like to code and programme animations. I want to improve my knowledge of coding and I love to use different computing projects such as Scratch and Hour of Code. I am excited for the year ahead and all the fun and challenges that will come with it. I already love being a Digital Leader!


I became a digital leader because I like building and coding games. I want to go to Apple to learn about Apple’s technology. I love Digital Leaders because I think I’m good at coding and I like using computers.


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I enjoy creating programs, 3D objects and coding in Scratch and Python. I really would be interested if the whole group could go on an educational trip to Apple, and even one to Google! I love the Digital Leader group because during our weekly sessions, the computing suite is full of people just like me who also enjoy computing!


I really wanted to be a Digital leader because I enjoy computing so very much. When I joined the school, I had no idea what a computing would be like, but now it is my favourite lesson. I really like coding. Coding can sometimes be a bit tricky, but it is always fun. I want to go on fun computing trips as well, like visiting Google and a high school computing suite. Computing is amazing!


I wanted to become a Digital Leader because I love computing and because I will get to go on Digital leader trips will be fun. I love computing because you get to learn how to do new things on a computer. Also, Mr Wilkins is a wonderful teacher. Did I say computing is the best?!


I really wanted to become a Digital Leader because I think I could be a good example to others. I love computing and I think I could one day become famous for my coding skills! I have fun using Scratch and programming.


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I love everything about computers and coding, including creating cool games and animations. When I grow up, I hope to use computers in my job. I would also love to go on many trips with the Digital Leaders and learn about AI and virtual reality.


I really wanted to be a Digital Leader because I have always loved computing and I think it’s very fun. My favourite thing to do in computing was making my own 3D art gallery in Year 5, along with animating and coding Python in Year 6. I really enjoy computing lessons. This year I want to go on a visit to Google and experience VR.


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I love coding and making Scratch and Python games. Mr Wilkins is also my favourite teacher. Because I like games consoles, I would like to go on lots of trips to technology companies and learn about virtual reality.


I wanted to step up to the role of Digital Leader as I wanted to help people understand computers. I like computing because Mr Wilkins is the person who hosts it. I love computing.

Caitlin Dempsey-Irish 3

The main reason I chose to be Digital Leader was so I can become even better at coding. Also, I love Scratch, Hour of Code and Wick Editor as they are very challenging, and I love the fact that you can share your work with other coders and programmers!


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I wanted to be able to help my friends in computing lessons. I want to be able to create my own video games and educational games, and then continue making and playing them at home.


The reason why I wanted to become Digital Leaders is because I really want to learn more about technology and how it works. The reason why I love computing is that it is a world of endless possibilities, and anything can happen.


I wanted to be Digital Leader because I really enjoy helping other children in computing lessons. I enjoy creating animations in computing. In the future, one of the trips I want to go on is to the Science Museum.


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I’ve always enjoyed computing a lot as I love using computers and coding. I also want to go on some computing or coding trips. This was one of the main reasons that I took the opportunity to join the Digital Leaders.


I decided to be a Digital Leaders because I like computing lessons, Scratch and programming. I like computing because it is fun and you can become successful when you’re older, and I could become rich! Computing has been a huge success over the years, with companies like Google making huge profits.


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I always liked coding ever since I joined the Junior School. I want to continue to learn to code because I want to be a coder when I’m an adult. Being a coder as an adult will mean I can program games or fix other people’s games.


I wanted to by to be a Digital Leader because I really like computing and Mr Wilkins is the best teacher in the whole school! Also I want to be a better coder. I love going on school trips, so I hope to go on some amazing computing school trips this year!


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because computing is my favourite subject. Also, I like coding and making animations and games on Scratch. I also want to experience VR!


I want to be a Digital Leader because I like coding and creating games and animations. I also want to help my classmates in computing lessons.


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I love computing and coding on Scratch. In the leadership group I hope we go on some great computing trips!


I wanted to apply to become a Digital Leader because I really enjoy coding and programming. I like using Scratch because I can make games and animations which are very fun to play. Also, I want to share my knowledge of coding and programming with other people.


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because it is fun to do things with computing with my friends and to experiment on the internet and explore it. Another thing that I am looking forward to is experiencing VR and learning more about the internet with my friends so we can set a great example for our classmates.


I wanted to become a Digital Leader because I think I could become the best at coding in Churchfields! I will become an amazing programmer. I like coding and creating games.


I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I love computers and, for some reason, I like the sound of typing! I would also like to use a VR headset during this year. Everybody can learn to code and it is fun to do.


I wanted to become a Digital Leader because I wanted to learn and create more by programming. Joining the Digital Leaders is a big thing for me because I want to be taught lots of important things that I might need in the future, as well as information I don’t need to know but which is fascinating and amazing to discover.