10th June 2024

David Wilkinson’s Visit

David Wilkinson’s Visit

As part of our 150th anniversary, our school is making connections with former pupils in many different ways. One way was inviting David Wilkinson into our school. David attended Churchfields during WW2 and was invited in to share his experiences of the war, life in South Woodford and what it was like to be a child in the 1940s.


“I thought it was really fun and interesting when Mr Wilkinson came to our class. He was really funny and he told us about his experience in World War Two as a child. He told us in great detail about the war and showed us pictures of remnants of the war today. He also told us about his family and how life was for them during the war. In my opinion, it was really cool to hear and meet a past pupil of Churchfields Junior School and have them talk about a topic we studied for a whole term.”

By Theo, Year 6


“First of all, I would just like to say that I am very privileged to be able to have heard the experience of someone who used to attend our school decades ago during World War Two. It was very fascinating hearing about how people would live during such a hard period of history. Mr Wilkinson’s gripping and captivating commentary was amazing. One of my favourite things he talked about was the air raid sirens because they sounded really different to sirens we hear today and they made me really curious about all the different sirens for different events. This has really helped me to love history even more and I am even more intrigued by World War Two!”

By Mahrosh, Year 6