1st August 2019

Daring Ducklings

Daring Ducklings

Year 3 had some special visitors in July – six duckling eggs in each class.


All four classes waited anxiously to see if their eggs would hatch. Gilbert the duckling hatched first in 3C, and he was suddenly followed by a flurry of fluffy new arrivals. By the end of the first week, all 24 ducklings had hatched!


Year 3 have been learning how the ducklings developed inside their eggs, how to care for them when they hatched, and all about their life cycle.
The classes have been amazed with how quickly the ducklings grew – in a matter of days of hatching. The ducklings, meanwhile, curiously watched the classes during lessons!


The ducklings were really cute! They were really excited when they swam for the first time. We really loved seeing them in their incubator and we were amazed when they started to hatch in front us!

Kyle and Poppy, Year 3