6th April 2024

Currency Collecting with Maria

Currency Collecting with Maria

Although currency collecting is not the most common passion, it is a hobby of mine. I first began my collection with Pakistani rupees and American dollars (which was gifted to me by my aunty) but gradually, more and more valuable currencies were added to my gathering of money from all over the globe.


Since September 2023, (which was when I established my assemblage) I have acquired 28 different currencies in total, despite not having travelled abroad within these few months. I was lucky enough to be presented with various currencies by generous friends and family.


The following are 5 of my favourite:

  • French franc
  • Romanian bani
  • Pakistani rupee 
  • Omani rial
  • Canadian dollar


My most favourite are Pakistani rupees because my family originate from there. Interestingly,  this currency has accrued some value due to an increase in foreign district investment. However, 1 Pakistani rupee is still only equivalent to 0.0028 pound sterling.


By Maria, Year 5