20th September 2016

CSI Maths at Churchfields

CSI Maths at Churchfields

On Thursday 15th September, 5Ea were visited by CSI Maths. They did a really fun Greek Trail where, using clues, we had to work out who stole Zeus’ lightning bolt! It involved an intriguing puzzle, an hilarious game of number challenges and, most importantly,collaboration! So that’s one learning disposition achieved already!

Riana in Year 5 writes:

On Thursday we had CSI maths. It was about somebody out of the six suspects (Aphrodite, Midas, Pandora, Demeter, Hercules, Theseus) who had stolen Zeus’ lightning bolt. We had word problems we had to solve in order to solve the case. Everyone had partners and a sheet with information about the suspects helping us. They explained skills and other tests that could have helped them get to the well-protected lightning bolt. Later we solved the mystery and the suspect who stole the lightning bolt was… Theseus.


Overall, CSI maths was presented very well by Jackson, who helped us solve the mystery and everyone had lots of fun.

Freya in Year 3 had this to say:

This morning 3H took part in a crime scene investigation to find out who poisoned Saul Pinewood. At the beginning we chose our suspects and they came to the front. Next the suspects put on weird hats. I thought it was very funny.


Secondly, we had to vote who we thought poisoned the profiteroles. Then we had to answer questions that we were given. The questions were all about cooking and maths and they had fractions and a lot more. Every answer meant we could take away a suspect and discover who poisoned the profiteroles.


Finally, we found out who the suspect was and it was Hermione Woods.

A word from Jackson Kavanagh

Dear Miss Harris


Just a quick note to say how much I’ve been enjoying working with you, the pupils and your colleagues this week. The children have risen magnificently to all the challenges I’ve set them – and the school’s learning dispositions of collaboration, determination and resilience have all been very much to the fore. And I’ve been genuinely impressed by the grasp of and ability of maths that’s been shown in every single workshop.


Tackling CSI: Bake Off, Year 3 found themselves immersed in a world of fractions far removed, I suspect, from anything they did in Year 2. Yet they fell to it all with relish – and I even had to get the Extension Sets out! Probing CSI: Michaela Maths, Year 4s were called upon to practise a wide range of mathematical skills – and it was great to see the breadth of their knowledge and understanding. Year 6 took on what is by far and away the most intellectually demanding of our workshops, CSI: Paralympics – and the approaches they took meant it was difficult to believe they’ve been in Year 6 for less than a fortnight! So, all in all, I can’t wait to see what Year 5 have to offer when they investigate CSI: Ancient Greeks tomorrow.


With thanks, too for the warmth of the hospitality and welcome that I’ve received from every single adult and child in the school,


Best wishes,
Jackson Kavanagh
Performing Arts Specialist