The extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities offered to pupils promotes their personal development, sporting excellence and cultural enrichment.


We strongly encourage pupils to lead clubs and activities for others. Pupils have a well-developed sense of responsibility and the opportunity to run a club is a unique aspect of Churchfields Junior School.


The club is run by our specialist art teacher.  It gives an opportunity to build important creativity whilst developing a variety of art skills.

Led by Mrs Thornton

Tuesday 15:30

Wednesday 12:20

Location: Art Room


Arts and crafts

This club gives an opportunity to explore, design and create objects using paper and recycled materials.

Led by Ms Torabally

Wednesday 15:30

Location: 4T



This club gives an opportunity to master athletics skills, become more efficient at sporting actions and enhancing children’s technical understanding to become more competitive. Key athletic activities include: running, throwing, and jumping. It also encompasses a range of skills that support the development of fitness and a child’s athletic prowess such as balance, agility and coordination, and of course, a competitive spirit and sportsmanship.

Led by Mr Joseph

Tuesday 15:30

Location: Field



This club gives an opportunity to learn to play basketball. Basketball helps to improve motor coordination, flexibility and endurance. It also encourages speed, agility and strength.

Led by Mr Joseph

Thursday 15:30 

Location: Hall



Bookworms offers individuals or groups of children opportunities to curl up with a book at lunch time. A friendly place to read for pleasure, talk about their books and foster a love of reading.

Led by Mrs Walsh

Every day 12:20

Location: Hall



The chess coach teaches all levels from beginner to advanced. Pupils learn about the chess pieces and how they move. Attack, defence, middlegame and endgame strategies. Pupils play against each other practising the skills they have learned.

Led by Mr Eames

Thursday 15:30

Location: 6H



The club is run by a specialist Mandarin teacher. It will give your child the opportunity to build conversational Mandarin language skills, read stories in Chinese and develop an expertise in Chinese culture.

Led by Mrs Shi

Wednesday 15:30

Location: 5S



The choir is open to singers of all ages and abilities. It is an opportunity to learn and perform songs.

Led by Mrs Field

Monday 12:20 Year 3

Monday 12:50 Years 4, 5 & 6

Location: Hall



The club gives the opportunity to build computational thinking and an expertise in coding.  Children will not need any specialist equipment.

Led by Mr Wilkins

Friday 15:30

Location: Computer Suite



This club gives an opportunity to enjoy colouring and socialising everyday during lunchtime.

Led by Year 6 Pupil Advocates and Mrs Satilmis

Every day 12:20

Location: Practical Room

Coloured pencils


Each week children make a different dish using fresh ingredients. They bring the dish home to cook or eat.

Led by Mrs Angelo

Monday 15:30

Tuesday 15:30

Thursday 15:30

Location: Practical Room

Two boys baking


Kwik Cricket is a fully inclusive format of the game, played in schools, where the emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. It is specifically tailored for children up to the age of 11. As a team sport, playing cricket is the perfect way to make friends and learn new skills. Children will learn fundamental movement skills including catching, throwing and batting. Softer balls and plastic bats are used.

Led by Mr Walcott

Monday 15:30

Location: Hall

Children playing cricket


Crochet is a useful skill to learn and is very good for mental health. It is also a great way to develop fine motor skills. Children get to create hats, scarves, bags, water bottle holders etc…All materials are provided.

Led by Mrs Zaman and Mrs Lakehal

Friday 15:30

Location: Group Room


Design and Technology

This club is led by our specialist D&T teacher and gives children the opportunity to develop their practical skills to design, construct and evaluate using different materials.

Led by Mr Wilkins

Wednesday 15:30

Location: Practical Room

Ms Garcia teaching pupils about healthy eating


Drama Club provides children with confidence in public speaking, listening and teaching them the importance of teamwork. The club also teaches children to be reliable and learn to commit their time to rehearse and improve their own improvisations and learning lines for performances in scenes.

Led by Mr Alexander from Redbridge Drama Centre

Friday 15:30

Location: Hall

Drama performance


Children learn authentic African beats and rhythms using traditional djembe drums. Through a ‘call and response’ style, children learn the basic bass tone and slap techniques. Drumming can enhance concentration, promotes better flow of oxygen through deep breathing and builds stamina.

Led by Mr Ben Mollett from Redbridge Music Service

Thursday 15:30

Location: 5H

Boys playing African drums


Fencing Club is led by Fighting Fit Fencing. Whilst fencing delivers physical benefits, it is also a game of strategy, tactics and all round mental agility. Fighting Fit Fencing are a highly successful club who have trained fencers to international competitions.

Led by Fighting Fit Fencing

Friday 15:30

Location: Hall

Children trying out fencing


Football Club is an opportunity to play together, learn new skills and the rules of the game.

Led by Mr Joseph

Monday 7:45

Tuesday 7:45

Location: Playground

football shot


We are a British Gymnastics Partner School. Gymnastics provides an excellent foundation for many sports by helping children to develop agility, balance and coordination.

Led by Mrs Bradley

Tuesday 15:30

Wednesday 15:30

Location: Hall



A modern martial arts discipline. Jiu Jitsu is a predominantly ground-based martial art, using the principals of leverage, angles, pressure and timing, as well as knowledge of the human anatomy, in order to achieve a non-violent submission of one’s opponent.

Led by Mr Lawrance

Tuesday 16:45

Location: Hall


Karate Club is a martial art club and a great way to improve confidence, coordination, self-defence, fitness and discipline.

Led by UMAKS

Tuesday 15:30 and 17:15

Location: Hall

Boy practicing karate


Lego Club is a fun and friendly lunch time club which helps children to develop their communication and social skills whilst building LEGO sets and participating in individual or group building challenges.

Led by pupil advocates

Every day 12:20

Location: Hall


Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a club to learn about performing songs and scenes from musicals. Performing Arts allows children to be themselves, to be confident in who they are. The skills provide children with skills such as performance and discipline to help them succeed in life.

Led by Ms Dennis

Tuesday 12:20

Location: 3D



The club will is run by our P.E Teacher and school team coach. Your child will need to arrive ready to play in outdoor P.E kit.

Led by Mr Joseph

Wednesday 7:45

Location: Playground



Learning to play an instrument is highly valued at Churchfields Junior School. For children who can play at least two notes are invited to join our orchestra. Instruments in the orchestra include flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, baritone, French horn, trombone, cornet, trumpet and keyboard. Young musicians who play in an orchestra absorb essential lessons about patience and perseverance. Orchestra members have to work together to make music. Children learn to wait to play their instrument at the proper time, learn to adjust to fit their movements and sounds with those of others.

Led by Mr Thomas

Thursday 15:30

Location: Group Room



Led by a Woodbridge language teacher, this club teaches Year 6 pupils the basics of Russian and encourages a love of language and culture.

Led by Ms Watton

Friday 12:45

Location: 6H



The club is run by a specialist Spanish teacher. It will give your child the opportunity to build conversational Spanish language skills, read stories in Spanish and develop an expertise in Spanish culture.

Led by Mrs Fabregues Pomer

Monday 15:30

Location: Group Room



Tennis Club develops hand-eye co-ordination, introduces the tennis skills or serving, forehand and backhand strokes, rallying, scoring and develops an understanding of the game.

Led by Mr Biggane

Thursday 7:45

Friday 7:45

Location: Hall

Girl playing tennis

Are You Eligible for Tax-Free Childcare?

Are you aware you may be eligible for Tax-Free Childcare which could provide you with up to £500 every 3 months (up to £2,000 a year) for each of your children to help with the costs of childcare? This can be used for the morning and after-school clubs running at Churchfields Junior School. For more information and to register, please visit Tax-Free Childcare – GOV.UK (

How to Register

If you are eligible you will need to register on the Government website above.  If you want to pay for your child to attend an extra-curricular club at Churchfields Junior School, please follow the guidance below.

Pay for the morning /after school clubs as normal via ParentPay to ensure a place has been secured for your child.

Log onto your Government tax-free account.  Please make sure to add ‘Churchfields Junior School’ as a childcare provider.

You will need to top up the Government tax-free account, it will take a few days for  payment to be transferred  to Churchfields Junior School.

Once you have confirmed payment has been transferred to Churchfields Junior School, please inform the school via email and provide the following details:


  • Child’s Name
  • Class
  • Government Reference Number
  • Club Name and Amount

Once payment has been received, we will process your refund via ParentPay.