22nd July 2023

CJS After School Gardening Club

CJS After School Gardening Club

Jillian Ghose 

Gardening Club – Summer Term 2023 (Tuesdays after school)


Come rain or shine, Years 3-5 pupils together with their parents and younger siblings have been very busy in the school garden this term. The parents have really enjoyed spending time with their children and given the opportunity to appreciate the nature that surrounds us. 


Identifying and managing the weeds in the rhubarb bed, learning how to make paper pots for seedlings, observing the wildlife in the wooded area when constructing bug hotels, making and throwing seed bombs into the meadow area and watching for any new shoots, are just a few of the fun activities led by Mrs Ghose and enjoyed by the families.


“I enjoyed taking fruit (rhubarb) home to eat. I learnt that rhubarb leaves are dangerous.”

By Leonard, Year 3


“I liked making pots from newspaper and picking strawberries. I found out that plantain leaves can help with a sting or a cut on your skin.”

By Anaiya, Year 5


“Weeding was my favourite activity. I also enjoyed picking the strawberries and raspberries.”

By Azaan, Year 5


Together we have learnt so much about the importance of the right conditions needed by plants to thrive and grow. Including the difference between predators (bugs that eat your plants such as slugs and snails) and pollinators (beautiful bees); organic composting and using recycled materials to make water containers.


The knowledge that the families now have is being put to good use at home and shows that plants can be easily grown in pots in small spaces if you don’t have a garden.