13th April 2022

Churchfields Junior Woodland

Churchfields Junior Woodland

Did you know we have our very own woodland on our school grounds? In 2019, Mr Van Der Knapp, a former parent at CJS, kindly made great efforts to open up the woodland followed by teams from Google and Santander but we had not managed to finish cleaning and opening the space…until now.

This Spring, Theodora and her Y5 friends persuaded Mr Easter and several other pupils to begin clearing litter during their lunchtimes. This litter had unfortunately been thrown over the fence. It all had to be picked up before it could be used by pupils again. It was a big task and so every child in the school was invited to take a turn litter-picking until over a dozen bags were filled with litter!

After a lot of picking and a lot of hard work, the space is now clean and is a wonderful new place in which to explore and play during breaks and lunch times.


The best thing is it’s a new space which is nice to play in with my friends.
Theodora, Year 5