15th November 2015

Christmas Fayre 2015

Christmas Fayre 2015

Bring out the artist in you!


Please design a poster to promote Churchfields PTA Christmas Fayre. Our theme this year is:


The Twelve Days of Christmas


Your poster will be displayed around the school grounds.


  • Pick up your A3 Blank sheet from the foyer of the Junior Office.
  • Design your poster on the blank A3 sheet.
  • Write your name and class on the back of your poster.
  • Tape 50p entry fee to the back of your poster.
  • Place your completed poster in any of the PTA boxes, found in the Junior School office.


Entries must be received by Monday 30 November 2015.


1st, 2nd & 3rd will be awarded in each year group, except for Year 5 and Year 6, which will be judged together as one group. All the winners will be displayed at the Junior School Gate. Look out for gold stars on the art work.


We cannot display entries which we cannot laminate, so no bulky collage or colours which will ‘run’ when laminated please.


Have fun!


Churchfields School PTA