10th June 2024

Misha’s Football

Misha’s Football

Hi! My name is Misha, and I am 10 years old. I am in 6H, and I love football. I support Arsenal FC and play for Buckhurst Hill girls under 11’s. I joined the team at the beginning of the 2023 season, and I play in the Brentwood boy’s league. We were a brand-new team, and when I went for trials, I felt excitement but also nervousness. When the team was chosen and they announced my name, I was so happy.


The 2023–24 season has been a fantastic one for our newly formed team. In the league, we have won 14, drawn 1, and lost 1. I have scored 9 goals with 7 assists. And we also made it to the League Cup final.


The Big Day: Cup Final


Sunday, May 12th, was the BCFA Cup Final. We had worked so hard to be here, and we deserved our place. We were playing a boys team called Hashtag United, and we’d heard that they were a strong team, 2 leagues above us, but despite knowing this, we were still confident. To make the day special, our football coaches and parents had organised for the team to travel together on a minibus. When I got to the Buckhurst Hill clubhouse, all the girls were full of beans and were determined to play out of their skins. The journey to Basildon was so much fun, and we got to have some sweets and sing songs.


Kick-off was scheduled for 5 p.m., so we got there early for some pre-match training. When I arrived, lots of my family and friends were there to support the team and me with banners. It was so nice to see so many people come out to see us. Our football coaches, Ian and Mel, gave us a team talk. They said, “No matter the result, be happy that we made it this far and enjoy yourselves, and if the opposition scores, don’t drop your heads; keep playing.”.


As I was walking on to the pitch, I took a glance up and saw Mr. Joseph, which made my face light up. Seeing him made me want to play even better, so I could show him everything he had taught me.


The match begun, and we were off to a strong start. We had some shots that were close; I even nearly scored using my weaker left foot. Then, on the 23rd minute, my teammate set me up with a pass. I hit it the first time, and the ball went into the bottom left corner of the goal. I couldn’t believe it; I had just scored in a cup final. For me, this was a magical moment. All my teammates came, rushing to hug me as my friends and family cheered. I was beaming with happiness, and a goofy grin spread across my cheeks.


As the second half gets going, we get a corner kick. My teammate takes the corner and scores directly from it, 2–0 to Buckhurst Hill. Although we’re leading, Hashtag United are playing well and causing us problems. Frustratingly, in the 50th minute, they scored; however, we kept our heads up and knew we had to work super hard for the next 10 minutes. Hashtag United were really pushing for their second goal and then a penalty! We couldn’t believe it; my jaw dropped. They had been given a chance to equalise with only 3 minutes left. The pressure was now on our goalkeeper. Their player hit the ball, and our keeper saved it. What a save and what a relief, but it wasn’t over yet. For the last couple of minutes, we had to defend like mad to make sure they didn’t score. Finally, the whistle blew! At that moment, I felt sheer joy and rushed over to my teammates to celebrate our achievement. We were the BCFA 2023/24 Cup Champions.


What a feeling it was to win the cup final—something I hope I get to feel again and again.


All the training and the handwork had paid off, we were champions.