21st May 2015

Chicks Come to Year 3

Chicks Come to Year 3

Nothing could have prepared Year 3 for the awe and wonder of watching the baby chicks slowly work their way out of their eggs.


We watched with baited breath as the eggs wobbled and cracked and gave out small cheers at the first sight of a beak or wing.


The magic of watching an egg crack and a new life emerge goes above and beyond the expectations of the curriculum and is a memorable life experience.


From the moment they were hatched, the chicks immediately stole our hearts; they have united children and staff throughout the school and provided some much needed stress relief for children (and their teachers) during assessment week.


Miss Higgins is incredibly lucky – she is going to keep her group of chicks so we will be kept up-to date with their progress and may even receive the occasional piece of Chick Mail!


Thank you to the Happy Chick Company for providing Year 3 with memories that will last a lifetime.


Miss Brown and the Year 3 Team