11th March 2019

Chess Club

Chess Club

Chess Club is every Friday lunch time in class 5M.


Let me tell you a story about my own school Chess Club, which I hope will inspire you to come!


I was encouraged to play for my local borough against teams from around the country. We would travel on a bus around England. There was one child from my borough, who rumour had it was a great player. He was younger than me and was tiny!


At the age of 10, I was incredulous that such a small child could possibly beat me and challenged him to a game on the bus. You should be glad to know that he thrashed me!


I did not keep track of his life until I was listening to Desert Island Discs a couple of years ago. He had a very unusual name so there was no mistake it was him, especially when he said he had become a Chess Master at the age of 13. He had then used his prodigious brain to found a company in artificial intelligence research, which he had just sold to Google for £400 million.

I am not saying that if you join Chess Club, you will become a multi-millionaire! But it encourages logic, patience and quiet thinking. More than three times as many people in the world play chess than football so it is a good way to meet people as you travel round the globe and you can practise on your own against a computer at home.


See you there.

Mr McBride