7th July 2015

Boy In the Tower

Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen

Boy In The Tower

by Polly Ho-Yen

I really enjoyed this book as it is a very exciting and moving book. It is set in a modern-day London and it’s about survival, loneliness and friendship.

The main character is called Ade and he lives on the seventeenth floor. He enjoys the views and watching all the tiny people on the street below. Across the street, in another tower block, lives his best friend, Gaia.


They tell each other everything and Ade loves how much Gaia knows about the plants and world around them. Their lives begin to change when the Bluchers arrive.


At first, no-one understands why buildings begin to suddenly crumble, killing the people inside. And when construction workers are sent to inspect them, they mysteriously die too. Soon, all everyone can talk about is the bluchers, dangerous plants that destroy everything – time is running out for Ade and Gaia…

Reviewed by Zara
Year 6

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