Who We Are

We are a group of pupils who care deeply for our library and are enthusiastic about book reading. We meet every week to discuss everything our plans about how to make or library as good as it can be. We discuss how the library works as well as thinking of great ideas of how to get more people reading.

What We Do

We work with the school’s librarian to learn about how to use the Junior Librarian System. This is the computerised system we use to know what books we have in stock and using each pupil’s barcode we can see what books they have on loan and trends across a class or the whole school.

Girl reading outside by a tree

Make a Difference

  • We promote books we love by sharing reviews and creating book blogs
  • We help with shelving books in alphabetical order using the CJS Reading Express themes
  • We issue and return books
  • We give ideas and help create library displays
  • We help other pupils find what they are looking for or make suggestions if they do not know what book to read next
  • We keep our classroom libraries tidy




After having tried many roles, I think it is the time to be a bookworm. I want to be bookworm because I like to read in my spare time and sometimes even to my bunnies. The library is my first priority on Monday morning. Ms Satilmis is the Librarian who runs the library every day but on Monday, I try my best to keep it tidy. I also help my teacher Mr Warmoth with the reading records. Mrs Emeny is the school head teacher who also plays a big part in the bookworm role, since she buys the books.


This year I want to be a bookworm because I’ve loved reading ever since I learned how to read and I would like to encourage others to read as well. Furthermore, I enjoy helping my teacher in the classroom by checking reading records, cleaning up the information centre and making book recommendations. My favourite genre is fantasy because it’s so cool how you can picture the mythical creatures in your mind.


As I love reading so much, I would like to be a bookworm so I can make sure that others can get the chance that I did to leave this world and have an amazing time in the world of books. My favourite genre is fantasy, due to the fact that I love magic but I also like the genre scary and horror because I like hearing about blood and gore. I hope that while I am a bookworm lots of people’s reading habits in this school will improve by an amazing amount.


As I love reading, I want to become a bookworm. This is because I’ve tried many other pupil leadership groups such as gardener and also being part of the Eco committee, however, none of them gave me as many responsibilities as a bookworm and I love responsibilities. Some books that I like include The Hobbit, Sam the last puppy and the Harry Potter series. This is because they all grip you in the story. I would like to have my classmates find books quickly and ones that they may enjoy.


I would like to help people enjoy reading as there is nothing more important to me than reading. When I read, I feel like I am in another world and it helps my vocabulary as well as my imagination. These are some reasons I want to be a bookworm. My two favourite books in the library are Dark Lord and Boy in the Tower. Dark Lord is funny and Boy in the Tower is a fantasy.


This year, I wanted to be a bookworm because I want people from every culture in our class to experience the world of books. I also like the responsibility of checking and reading records and keeping the library clean. I like the genre Morpurgo because there are so many plot twists. I’m also looking forward to being a bookworm and helping my classmates do their stamps.


I want to be a book worm because I really enjoy reading and I want other people to feel the same way. I also enjoy helping people with their reading records and reading passports. I usually help in the library keeping it clean for Ms Satilmis and Mrs Emeny


One of the main reasons that I want to be a bookworm is because I love reading. I also want to suggest books to buy for the school library. I would also like to be a bookworm because I would love to make other kids in my class read more challenging books such as the Hobbit.


After having tried many of the pupil leadership groups, I thought it was time I was a bookworm. I want to be a bookworm because I love reading. I’m excited for my responsibilities such as checking reading records. The books I like are fantasy because there is so much magic going on. I’m looking forward to helping people get an interest in reading more books.


As I have always loved reading so much, I felt as if being a bookworm was inevitable. I would like to help my peers by recommending books and checking reading records.


This is my first year at Churchfield Junior school and I chose bookworms as my first people leadership because I enjoy reading and also because I’m the one who gets to imagine what’s happening in books. My favourite books are the Murder Most and Lady Like series in the detective and mystery genre because I like to see how Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong solve the murders.


I chose to be a bookworm because to me reading is one of the best things in the world. One of my favourite genres is fantasy because I like how there are lots of mythical creatures in the stories as well as sometimes real creatures. I also wanted to be a bookworm because I want to help people read and make them read harder books that they will actually enjoy more.


After trying loads of Pupil Leadership groups, I think bookworms are the best because I want to help other kids find books. If they’re not sure on what they want to read, I am available to help them. I also want to help the library if it gets messy. I like the genre called real-life issues because my favourite books are ones about football and after all that is a real-life issue.


As I love reading so much, I decided to be a bookworm because I really like to read books. My favourite genre is funny because there are so many jokes to read.


I want to be a bookworm to help others and my class especially. I also like reading but as well as that I want to help clean the library and help the librarian.


I want to be a bookworm because reading feels like a holiday in your head. I also want to encourage other people to read more. My favourite genre of books are fantasy because I love magic and mythical creatures.


As I love reading so much, I would like to encourage other people to read because it is very fun and it is very relaxing for me. My favourite genre to read dark because I really like the stories and all the factors. I love helping people and encouraging them to read.  My favourite type of book to read is funny.


I wanted to be a bookworm because I want to help children to read more and also read outside of school. It would be nice if everyone could read every day. I also love reading books about animals because I love seeing the cute animals, especially ducks.


I really wanted to be a book worm because it is a fun job and a good experience to read books and if anybody does not like to read or does not want to read I can encourage them to read and enjoy it. I like horror because I like being scared and I like how it can sometimes get really intense. I like other genres too, like funny or animals. Finally, I like going to the library because there are so many books to choose from. After all, reading is fascinating.


I really want to be a book worm because I love reading books and my favourite books are Charlotte’s Web Magnificat and many others. I like to be responsible for checking the reading records and have lots of fun doing it.


I would love to be a bookworm because some people don’t read books but reading books helps your education manly your English and vocabulary. I think reading is lovely because when you’re reading you teleport into a whole new world. Helping people is one of my favourite hobbies as is reading. I would love to help people read.


I would love to be a bookworm since reading books is my favourite hobby and I want our school to love reading. I like horror books because they are interesting and I also love being frightened. I do like reading other genres like fantasy and animals and many more. I want people to love reading as much as I do and help them with their reading too.


I really want to be a bookworm because I love to read so much and I like helping people read more books than usual. My favourite books have a beast quest because it’s very exciting and some of my friends like it as well. I also like being a bookworm because I know it’s good to read.


As I like reading so much, I decided to be a bookworm. I also wanted to be a bookworm so I could be in the library and help make my class read the most books. After all, I love reading books. My favourite genre is horror because I like jumping when I read scary parts.


I would love to become a bookworm because when I am writing a story, reading helps me with inspiration to write and in particular I love reading fantasy.


As I love reading so much, I thought that I could be a bookworm. I would like to help people who don’t like reading and help them read more books. I like fantasy books because magic is something I’m really interested in.