7th July 2015

Varjak Paw

Varjak Paw by SF Said

Varjak Paw

by S F Said

Varjak Paw is about a cat who always feels like an outcast. This is due in part to his appearance- he has amber eyes unlike the rest of his family who all have green eyes but also for his longing for adventure and his desire to explore the outside world beyond the Contessa’s house. Varjak has never left the house until now. His family are in danger and Elder paw has told him he must do something to protect them from the mysterious gentlemen and his two black cats. Varjak must remember ‘the way’ his Grandfather taught him. Will knowing ancient cat martial arts help Varjak save his family?

This is a story full of adventure, action and mystery that will leave you wanting to reach for the sequel immediately.

Reviewed by Miss Standen

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