2nd April 2023

Big Walk & Wheel to School

Big Walk & Wheel to School

Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel inspires pupils to make active journeys to school, improve air quality in their neighbourhood and discover how these changes benefit their world.


The Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs) have recorded every day how many pupils walk, scoot and cycle to school. This then goes onto a national scoreboard. At the end of the week Churchfields ranked 56th out of over 700 schools.


“The Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel is to make sure children travel to school actively. This could be scooting, walking and going on a bike to school. Junior Travel Ambassadors organised the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel. If you really can’t walk because you live too far away, you can park and stride.”

By Muhammad Ismaeel, Year 5


“Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel is a competition which encourages people to be more active and makes people walk instead of drive. Driving is bad for us. As a JTA, we count how many children walked in our class and our teacher records it.”

By Emily, Year 4


“The Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel is a program encouraging people to travel to school safely and healthier for the environment. JTAs try to promote this campaign by our fun activities reminding everyone about our health, the environment and road safety. Walking, scooting and cycling are all considered healthy.”

By Maria Julia, Year 6


“The Big Walk and Wheel is a thing that inspires people to come to school actively and get to school safely like not using a car but walking instead, or riding a bike.”

By Zayyan, Year 3