1st January 2024

Bibi and Liliana’s Musical Theatre Classes

Bibi and Liliana’s Musical Theatre Classes

“Since I was a little girl I have always loved singing, dancing and putting on shows for my mum and dad. I’ve been going to musical theatre classes from three years old and this year I wanted to try to get into a really special theatre school in central London called Spirit Young Performers Company.


The first time I auditioned for Spirit I didn’t get in. I was upset and came out crying because I messed up my song. But I tried again during the summer and was given a place in their Junior Elite group! I was so surprised and excited. I’m glad I didn’t give up.


My friend Liliana from 6G was already in the Elite group which is fun because we can travel together every Sunday and we love singing and dancing on the train!


I have really enjoyed my first term at Spirit and am very inspired by the friends I have made who are already in West End shows and tours.


Last weekend I performed in the Christmas showcase singing ‘There is a Santa Claus’ from Elf the Musical. My dream is to one day be in SIX or Hamilton.”

By Bibi, Year 5


“Me and Bibi attend the same theatre group. This term, we have been working on a piece which we performed on 9th December, in a showcase for our parents. When Mrs Emeny found out about this, she suggested that me and Bibi performance the song in assembly in front of the school. We practiced for a few days and made some changes in the choreography, as there were many other children in our group when we did the showcase. We performed our piece on Tuesday 19th December in our assembly, and it was very fun!”

By Liliana, Year 6