13th May 2022

Athelites Pupil Leadership Group

Athelites Pupil Leadership Group

Every Friday morning, all Churchfields pupils attend their chosen pupil leadership group. Groups range from Advocates to Digital Leaders, and from School Councillors to Eco-Warriors, with many other groups as well.


This month we focus on the sporty Athelites (elite athletes). Only two weeks in and the Athelites are already busy at work developing interesting sport ideas.


“For two weeks we have been organising sporting events. We have been putting down some notes for future events. Some people have chosen to do some different sports that I think might help raise our school’s fitness levels. We hope, with our input, there will be an even greater variety of sports to play at Churchfields!”
Samei, Athelite in Year 5


“We have been discussing our sporting ideas recently. Now that the pandemic is in the past, we are determined to encourage every child to get active and fit again! People in the Athelites group are either really good at sport, love sport, or want to try different sports (or even all three!).”
Bonnie, Athelite in Year 5.