The school believes that art is a vital part of the education of all children. By the time pupils leave the school, they will know and appreciate the work of great artists, architects and designers and will enjoy the subject through proficiency in practical techniques and discussion and debate about art.

How Do We Teach Art?

Art is taught as a subject by our specialist art teacher, who is also a professional artist. They learn to develop proficiency with a range of methods and techniques so they are able to visually perform their thinking and are confident in experimenting. Their teacher takes them on journeys through time by studying traditional, modern and contemporary artworks. Pupils also learn about meanings, interpretations, materials and processes through history and are taught how to engage in dialogue and debate with knowledge of the disciplinary questions – such as ‘What is art?’. As pupils learn more about this art, they develop important cultural capital and appreciate this fascinating subject.

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Meet the Art Ambassadors

We are a group of creative individuals that work together to form the Art Technicians. Our role is to keep the school displays beautifully organised and ensure all of our work is presented to an exceptionally high standard.

Beyond the National Curriculum

Our Art Team

Mrs Thornton
Specialist Art Teacher
James Easter
Specialist Teachers Lead
Mrs Moi
Mrs Moi
Art Link Governor