23rd November 2016

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti Bullying Week

The 14th-18th November was Anti-Bullying week and this year’s theme was ‘Power for Good’. During the weekly Philosophy and PSHE session, the children were able to learn and discuss bullying in more detail.


Class 5K planned and delivered a whole-school assembly about this topic and spoke about the following:


  • The definition of bullying,
  • The different types of bullying,
  • Some statistics about bullying,
  • What we can do if we encounter bullying,
  • Class thoughts from their weekly circle time session.


Due to this year’s theme of ‘Power for Good’, every child in the school was then given a mask that they were asked to decorate with Anti-Bullying slogans. They wore these during their morning break to ensure that Churchfield’s Anti-bullying message was taken onto the playground.


Mr Kitchener