7th July 2015

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

by Anthony Horowitz

After discovering the truth about his uncle’s death, fourteen year old Alex Rider is forcibly recruited by M16. Supplied with cunning gadgets, he is sent on a dangerous mission to investigate the supposedly generous Herod Sayle, a man offering state-of-the-art Stormbreaker computers to every school in the country. But what is Sayle really up to?

Stormbreaker is the first in an exciting series of novels featuring teenage spy Alex Rider. I was lucky enough for this to be a class text at my own primary school when it had only recently been published. I can still remember how exciting it was and I couldn’t wait to read the first amazing sequel Point Blanc!

Reviewed by Mr Waters

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