Our Aims

At Churchfields Junior School we are committed to helping every child succeed, irrespective of background or starting point. We create a safe, healthy and supportive school culture and ethos which creates the conditions for every pupil to thrive.


Learning Opportunities

We offer our pupils rich and exciting learning opportunities that will help them to achieve and inspire them to do their very best. We devised our aims as a whole staff. At the beginning of each academic year we identify which aims we particularly wish to focus on.


Box Heading

Confident and interested learners, who actively engaged in their own learning

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Provide the best opportunities to learn, succeed and enjoy

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Show respect and honesty for each other – friendship

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Value all pupils’ participation in all activities

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Feel safe in our School environment

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Ignite curiosity

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Connect new knowledge with existing knowledge so pupils are fluent and unconsciously competent at applying their knowledge as skills

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Achieve academic excellence

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Provide secure and fair boundaries

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Celebrate achievements of all

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Have self-respect for the cultures and values of others

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Develop creative opportunities

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Have high expectations

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Demonstrate a deep understanding

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Value our environment, property and community

  • Provide best opportunities to learn, succeed and enjoy
  • Respect and honesty for each other – friendship
  • Feeling safe in our school environment
  • Secure and fair boundaries
  • High expectations
  • Igniting curiosity
  • Celebrating achievements of ALL
  • Value our environment, property and community
  • Taking responsibility for own learning and behaviour
  • Value all pupils’ participation in all activities
  • Understanding and celebrating differences
  • Develop creative opportunities

Our Vision

Our vision is for Churchfields to be a place of transforming growth, where education inspires children and adults to achieve, and where all members of our school community engage in a process of lifelong learning. To remain an exceptional educational establishment locally, nationally and globally.


We want all our pupils thrive as successful learners socially and academically through high quality teaching and an enriched, knowledge led curriculum.

Developing Cultural Capital

We want all pupils to develop intellectual and cultural capital in order for pupils to be equipped with the knowledge, behaviours and skills to face the future with confidence.


We aim to meet the needs of all learners in our curriculum and challenging them to succeed.

Growing Community

We encourage our pupils to relate well to one another with confidence, care, openness and respect.

Releasing Creativity

We enable pupils to critically think, problem solve and undertake learning at a deeper level.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

We develop independent, thinking children who are ambitious, emotionally equipped and confident enough to make good life choices.