6th November 2023

Adam’s Rubik Cube Success

Adam’s Rubik Cube Success

“On Sunday the 1st October I attended the World Cube Association speed cubing contest at the New Line Learning Academy in Kent. I was really excited to take part, but also a bit nervous, because it was my first national competition.


There were hundreds of children there, who could solve different types of Rubik’s cubes. I took part in the 3x3x3 tournament and I was really happy with my best time. I focused on competing against myself and getting better and better times every time I solved the cube. Almost everyone at the contest can solve the cube in under one minute, and my best time was 43 seconds. The world record is currently only 3 seconds!


I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I came home with a new 2x2x2 cube, a pyramid cube, a keyring and also one of the smallest cubes in the world which is very fiddly and tricky to solve. I am now working on solving the 2x2x2 cube more quickly. At the moment I can solve it in just 11 seconds. I really like Rubik’s cubes because they are all fun to solve and also quite challenging.


I was really proud of myself for what I achieved and I know that with practice I can get even faster. I can’t wait to take part in more contests in the future!”

By Adam, Year 5