30th May 2019

An OBE for dad

On Thursday 9th May I went to Buckingham Palace instead of school. I got to go in rooms that not many people are allowed in and see all the gold on the walls. The gold looked so beautiful on the giant ceiling of the palace. I felt amazed. I was there because my Dad got an OBE. He got it for services to the Department of Transport and work he did as a civil servant to change how buses run around the whole country. Before we could go in, we had to queue for ages but it was worth it. We walked through all the lovely corridors with amazing paintings. I was heading to the ballroom.


In the ballroom there were lots of seats. We got special high seats which were very slippery. A string orchestra played lots of music from before the ceremony to the end. For example, Moonlight Sonata and Highlights from Moana. I also had a little booklet so I can follow along with who was who and why they got their award. Prince William did it and knighted some people with a sword. He talked to my Dad and gave him a medal. I felt excited. After a long time it ended. Once we got out it was raining heavily. We wanted photos so we had to queue again but, luckily, we were under cover. We had to go when the rain was most heavy. We rushed to lunch at about the end of school time. I had a wonderful day.