Governor Carmella Malley

Hello, my name is Carmela Malley. I was elected a Parent Governor at Churchfields Junior School in 2014. I currently have a daughter in year 4 at the Junior School. I have served on the PTA as Chairperson and committee member. I decided to become a Parent Governor to help the school in achieving the best for its staff and students.


As an active member in the school and known by many of the staff, parents and students, I hope to do my upmost by supporting and/or challenging decisions made by the governing body; together we can help the pupils of Churchfields Junior School succeed to their full potential.


I declare, I or my relatives have no pecuniary or business interests.


Mrs Malley holds the following responsibilities within the Governing Body:


  • Chair of the Curriculum Committee
  • Chair of the Environmental Committee
  • Link Governor for art