Primary science encompasses physical, chemical and biological aspects of our world, as well as the ability to work scientifically and investigate different concepts. Science lessons should challenge pupils’ beliefs and understanding, enabling them to confidently question and discuss the elements involved in the science curriculum and where appropriate carry out their own investigations.

Illustration of rocks, solar system, magnet and seedling

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Meet the Science Technicians

We are a group of organised individuals that work together to form the Science Technicians. Our role is to keep the science resources for the whole school beautifully organised and ensure that all year groups have regular access to a range of exciting science equipment.

Teacher and child looking at skeleton model

Meet the Gardeners

We are pupils from each year group, who love to be active outdoors, whatever the weather. We meet every week and are keen to develop our skills to prepare the soil, sow, plant and water. We are learning basic gardening terms and how to use gardening tools.

Weeding the peas in the garden

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