Pupil Advocates

Who We Are

Year 5 children in the Spring Term apply and are interviewed for the responsibility of being an advocate. In the Summer Term of Year 5 advocates are given 3 full days of Peer Mediation Training, ready to start their role in Year 6. Advocates wear a smart blazer and enjoy being ambassadors for the school.


Qualities we look for:


  • To be organised
  • To be a good listener
  • To be kind and empathetic to other children
  • To enjoy playing with and improving the experiences of younger pupils
  • To be able to speak your mind in a polite and constructive way

What We Do

We represent Churchfields Junior School by:


  • Showing visitors including parents and teachers round the school and explaining our school’s aims and ideas.
  • Being a positive role model for others.
  • Attending weekly sessions to discuss the progress of the advocacy programme.


We help teachers and other staff make Churchfields Junior School the best school we can by:


  • Assisting lower school staff and their classes.

Our Lunchtime Duties

We are available for half an hour at lunchtimes to carry out the following duties on a rotating basis:



  • Engaging with children who seem isolated at playtimes.
  • Solving conflicts and helping pupils to settle differences.
  • Liaise and assist the Midday staff where ever possible.


Wet play:

  • Assist a lower school class to encourage constructive activities.




I would very much like to be an advocate because I love my school. I love talking to the younger pupils in school and I feel I could help with problems such as disagreements, listening if they are sad and helping them through bad times. I really admire the current advocates and what they do such as cleaning, supervising, showing people around the school and helping at wet play.


I think I could be a good pupil advocate because I am positive, polite and was complimented that I have a good sense of what is right and wrong. I have also solved many problems and disputes between my two sisters and friends. For example, when my sisters were fighting over a hairband I negotiated with them that one person should wear it one day, and then the other person should wear it the next day. The argument was over and everyone was happy. I want and hope that Churchfields Junior School will be a better place for children to enjoy and learn with me as part of the advocate team.


I think I will be a fantastic pupil advocate because firstly I have a very positive attitude, so I can bring a positive start to the day to all the staff and children by encouraging others to do the same. Something that I think we should all do is say to ourselves there is no such thing as finished or I am quitting. There are always ways that we can get better at things. I am keen to encourage young pupils at the school to always try their best and to help them to enjoy playtimes at school.


I think I should be an Advocate because I want to be helping people with their problems and to help the school.  Also I am a good listener and I will be a good example to the young pupils.  I am really caring.


I think a pupil advocate needs to be kind, caring, responsible, trustworthy and good at listening to people. My friends and I have done a cake sale which raised money for the school. We raised over £39. I would also like to be a pupil advocate as I think it would be a really good experience. When I speak to the advocates they all say they enjoy being an advocate and helping the school and other people.


I would be very proud to be an advocate for Churchfields Junior School. I really enjoy circle time in the classroom, this gives me an opportunity to have my voice heard, be assertive and show my personality and strengths. Being an advocate would let me do this in a constructive way, I am never aggressive or pushy just kind and caring. I like working in a team because I feel like it makes you bond with others. I would like to use all the skills I have learnt to help others and to support my school.


I like to help people and when there is a new person at school, I have in the past been asked to help show them around and explain things to them. I have done this happily and enjoy the responsibility.  While in Brownies I have gained confidence and learnt lots of new skills that would help me as an advocate.  For example, I have my first aid badge. For this we had lots of sessions with the Red Cross learning basic first aid skills. I have good time-keeping. I am not normally late for anything and would enjoy the challenge of being an advocate as well as the ability to represent my school.


I love school and I am very proud to be a pupil at Churchfields. I think that I am a good friend to all of my peers at school and I try my very best to be a great team player. I like to look smart to show our community that the children of Churchfields are proud of their school. It is very important to be aware of others’ feelings and to look out for all children including those in the lower years.


I would like to be a pupil advocate because I have a confident, happy and sociable personality. In particular, I am good at talking to children and staff at school and I enjoy being with people. I try to be the best friend as possible and try to get on with everyone in the school. I always use my manners when I speak to people and I am a good listener. I am enthusiastic and really love being at Churchfields Junior School.


I think I would be an ideal candidate for pupil advocate because I am very organised and like to make sure everything is fair. I have always looked up to the advocates and feel I would enjoy the role very much and hope to be as useful as I can.


I would really value the opportunity of being a pupil advocate because I think I have a lot to offer, have good ideas and a willingness to make a difference wherever I can. I am a positive role model for others. Through the Learning Council, I have experience of showing visitors around the school, explaining our school’s aims and ideas. In Learning Council, I set up a QR code on iMovie to explain the aims of this group to visitors, so I have experience of presenting school information using new methods.


I would like to be an Advocate because I am good at solving problems with my friends. I am helpful in class, tidying the table and helping others. I will be good at mediation because I am good at looking at and listening to both sides of the story and reaching a conclusion which suits both parties.


I am good listener and I enjoy playing with all age groups. I can also encourage younger children to do fun and safe games during wet play like dominoes or a board game or even make up a game. I am able to defuse a situation as I have been involved in some disagreements and I have learnt how to sort it out calmly. I feel I am a responsible person and when asked to do a job I do it to the best of my ability.


I am kind because I listen to what is being told to me and I try to be as understanding as I can. I like to make up games which I feel would help the younger children during we play. And finally, I am not afraid of hard work. Being an advocate would benefit me and help me grow as a person.


I would like to help other children with their problems. I would like to make people happy and feel good about themselves and help the school out. It is not all about the 10 pound book token each term. It matters about helping others.


I am very proud of our school and think it is a beautiful place to learn in. I have had school dinners and packed lunches so I know the routines for both. I could show new children or younger children where to go and what to do. I love salad and could encourage children to try food they might not have had before. It is important not to waste food so I would remind them to clear their plates and not rush out to play with their friends before they have finished. People who know me are aware that I find some parts of my learning challenging. Despite this, I have always tried my very hardest and never given up.


I am sensitive, polite and intelligent.  In the whole of year 5, I have never had a warning or reflection.  I like to get things done properly, so I can prevent problems. I have experienced running a Games Club, and to stop my ears from hurting I created a noise controlling system.


I love helping the school and have been called a role model for others. Where there were new students that had started school and were alone in the playground I imagined that they would feel lonely and shy and scared so I went over and asked if they wanted to play a game. I did this because I thought they would be scared and lonely. It makes my day to see someone else happy.


I think I will be a good Advocate because I will handle people’s worries and arguments in mediation or speak to someone if they have been bullied or irritated. When I was working as a Digital Leader, I was given a task by Mr Wilkins to make a realistic house with windows and a door. The task was challenging because I did not know how to do these things, but with my commitment I managed to make an actual house in two days.


I wold be a great advocate because I am caring and I really would love to help the school. I love helping little children to achieve good things so that they could be a very good person. I am a great role model to younger children. I see someone alone with no one to play with I make sure they have someone to play with or I would play with them.


I like helping everyone even if they are not one of my best friends. Normally when my friends are in an argument I talk to both of them. I am never on any side. I don’t mind missing some of my play time to clean the tables, put the trays properly, or even tell people if they can go somewhere or not on stair duty.


I am a very kind and polite person and a very good listener and emphatic. I enjoy playing with others and I am a very organised person. My promise to you is that I will be a good listener and be polite to others.